New Canadian Media Opportunities


New Canadian Media is pleased to offer journalists, writers and creative content producers from immigrant communities the opportunity to enroll in our pioneering mentorship program.


This program is designed to offer one-on-one training with high-calibre journalists who are part of NCM's Newsroom to help foreign-trained professionals or immigrant journalists to produce content according to Canadian standards and practices.
The mentorship program includes support in developing topical story ideas, identifying sources, interview techniques, using multimedia, as well as writing/revising the news or commentary contribution. Mentees will receive a $100 honorarium when their content is published on the site.
NCM sees this as a crucial part of its educational mandate and its efforts to "broaden the national conversation" by fostering new voices.
For more information, please send a copy of your CV and specific interests to
Here are three recent examples with their accompanying testimonials:
Spring Fashion Can Wait as Bangladesh Tries to Unravel Political Standoff - by Sharif Hasan in Ottawa

“You have no idea how much the publication of the report boosted my confidence in writing English content.”

Occupy Central: Effects on Hong Kong to Canada Migration - by Truman Kwan in Toronto

"It’s a fulfilling experience, especially for a first-year student journalist like me. To know that a publication is willing to publish your work, and that you will be recognized for your work, makes it that much better. It’s encouraging."


Newcomer Parents Face Challenges Navigating School System - by Raul Pinto in Mississauga


“…for me it was the difference between some kind of depression and the push to start applying for positions in English-spoken media."